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Mechanics and technology: trainings for the adventurous

You have a passion for machinery, coupled with a natural talent for crafting, building and drilling? Then our trainings as a metal technology specialist and industrial mechanic, or further training for service technology are exactly right for you! You can look forward to an open feedback culture, exciting tasks and strong camaraderie providing the foundation of our team. Flexibility and a sense of adventure are great qualities to have here, as we’re often working outdoors with the Rapid Hydraulic Service.

Our vacancies

A passion for machinery is at the heart of what we do

During your training, you and your team will be on a mission: through your understanding of the most complex systems in agricultural and construction machinery, you ensure that machines with state-of-the-art hydraulics keep performing their daily tasks as smooth as possible. You can choose between three professions:

  • Metal technology specialist: Perfect for metalwork enthusiasts

    In your training as a metal technology specialist, we teach you everything you need to know about hydraulics. You’ll receive instruction in the areas of workshop and warehouse, gain a broad product knowledge of hydraulic hose lines and learn how to best approach interacting with our customers. Do you enjoy welding, drilling and assembling? In metalworking, you will learn how to turn, mill, drill and file our products for our customers and how to maintain aggregates.

  • Industrial mechanics: The training for machinery enthusiastic

    During your training as an industrial mechanic, you become an expert in the maintenance, repair and assembly of hydraulic systems. With your in-depth product knowledge in hydraulics, you accompany the manufacturing processes of our equipment parts and the assemblies for our machines and production systems. You’re a hobby mechanic and have a knack for getting the job done right the first time? Then you’ll feel right at home in your training as you acquire all the relevant skills the field of milling machine technology has to offer. Here we turn, mill, weld and drill.

  • Service technician: The job for the adventurous

    Do you want to work every day to ensure that our customers’ agricultural and construction machinery are working perfectly? As a service technician, you’re on the road a lot to get to a variety of different work locations, where you’ll assist our customers with your emergency Rapid Service vehicle. Many more exciting tasks await you even after you’ve saved the day with your passionate commitment to seamless functionality, as you’ll also be starting training with us in Warehouse Logistics or Metal Technology before furthering your expertise as a service technician.

Experience everyday life in metal technology!

Watch this video and discover every detail in the field of metal technology.

Looking for an adventure?

Hansa‑flex benefits

you can count on

  • Company pension scheme

    Conclude an outline agreement for a company pension scheme with us.

  • Commuting allowance

    Get a portion of your travel expenses reimbursed in addition to your net salary.

  • Socialising at company events

    Attend our regular company events to get to know other colleagues and socialise with your team.

  • Fantastic development opportunities

    We want to help shape your future, a fact that 90% of our trainees already know very well.

What we also offerusätzlich

  • More training opportunities
  • Brief tour of the trainee branch
  • Network with our trainees
  • Qualitrain and Hansefit fitness programmes

Our application process: step by step to the job

Sending your application

Confirmation of receipt

The interview

Let’s go to trial work


The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

Easily submit your application via our convenient online form. Our colleagues in Recruiting will review your application and forward it to the right department.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

You’ll receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail shortly after submission. We’ll personally get back to you after no later than three weeks.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

We want to get to know you! We’ll invite you to a virtual meeting to introduce you to your future trainer.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

Show us what you can do! After a successful interview, we’ll invite you to one of our areas of operation and introduce you to your potential colleagues.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

Welcome to the HANSA‑FLEX family! Receive your employment contract and get to know our patrons.