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Everything running smoothly: hydraulic connection technology

Hydraulic connecting elements, such as adapters, fittings and threaded connectors, are an essential means of joining components in hydraulic systems. They ensure that energy can be safely transferred between different components. HANSA‑FLEX offers an extensive portfolio in the field of connection technology – with most items generally available from stock at all times. All products meet the highest quality standards, confirmed in product testing.

Safely connected

Our fluid and hydraulics experts are here to advise you on the choice of suitable components. HANSA‑FLEX can produce customised special solutions to suit individual needs because it has its own manufacturing facilities.

Hose fittings

The fittings designed and manufactured by HANSA‑FLEX are perfect for use with the appropriate hose type. They guarantee a safe and leak-free…

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Pipe fittings

Transitions between components in hydraulic systems are always a point for careful consideration. Pipe fittings from HANSA‑FLEX are standardised in accordance with…

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Adapters create a safe and leak-free connection between components with differing thread types. HANSA‑FLEX offers an extensive portfolio of hydraulic adapters, such…

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Ball valves

HANSA‑FLEX ball valves are used to shut off and divert flow in hydraulic pipe systems at pressures of up to 500…

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HANSA‑FLEX flange fittings are ideal for large diameter, high-pressure applications and restricted installation situations Flange connections are inherently resistant to strong…

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Couplings are the best option in situations where attachments need to be quickly exchanged, machines safely connected or highly loaded…

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Threaded technology in proven hansa‑flex quality 

Connections between different components must be robust and durable under high working pressures and extreme loads.

  • HF-Form pipe forming system

    Durable and safe pipe connections – without a cutting ring, special parts or special tools

  • Proven quality

    All HANSA‑FLEX products fulfil the highest quality standards and are subject to extensive testing.

  • Installation made easy

    With the HANSA‑FLEX Industrial Service for machines and systems of any size

Hydraulic hose lines and pipelines from hansa‑flex

As a system provider, HANSA‑FLEX can supply hydraulic hose lines for everything from mobile applications on construction sites right up to stationary hydraulic systems in the food industry.

  • A pipeline for every situation

    Steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminium: bent pipes made from precision tube in various materials and surface finishes are available from HANSA‑FLEX.

    • Design and series manufacture of bent pipes of all types
    • Highest precision and Just-In-Sequence delivery
    • Single pipes, batches, component groups and ready-to-install pipe assemblies
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  • A suitable hose for every application

    For low, medium and high pressures: the wide range of HANSA‑FLEX hydraulic hoses includes different versions, such as spiral and textile hoses, and has every field of use covered.

    • From mobile applications to stationary hydraulic systems
    • Designed and assembled to your individual requirements
    • Hose fittings perfectly matched to one another – including in stainless steel
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Logistics solutions

Gain time and save costs with customised logistics solutions from HANSA‑FLEX. We work with you to create an optimum logistics concept…

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Plant project planning and management

The design and construction of hydraulic systems requires specialist knowledge. The applicable standards and regulations such as DGUV are continually…

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Sealing technology

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems are only as good as their seals. Just one defective seal can lead to long downtimes…

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