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The hansa‑flex customer magazine 2022

Today, HYDRAULIKPRESSE is a professional magazine that deals primarily with the challenges, solutions and applications in fluid technology. Because hydraulics means HANSA‑FLEX! You can subscribe to our magazine free of charge. We also offer you each issue here as a PDF document. It will be published in a German and an English edition from 2022.



  • December 2022 – 4.444 Employees

    • From 0 to 16,000 in just 6 months – New HANSA‑FLEX production site for fittings in India
    • Use under high pressure - The two-way press from Europress Umwelttechnik compresses waste efficiently and safely
    • Rotopress Bluepower - Refuse collection vehicle powered by hydrogen
  • September 2022 – 25. Million X-CODES

    • From manufacture to series production – recycling specialist Arjes scales up its production with HANSA‑FLEX
    • Working at a depth of 700 metres – Hose replacement and maintenance underground
    • Saving a lot of energy with little effort – Conserving resources and doing something good for the climate
  • June 2022 – 200th issue

    • From design to prototype construction to series production: Mesalac and HANSA‑FLEX work hand in hand
    • Manufacturing 4.0: Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH digitalises its manufacturing processes
    • Safety through pressure pulse testing: The Technics and Hydraulics of the IHA Pressure Pulse/Vibration Test Bench
  • March 2022 – 60 years of passion for Hydraulik

    • Irrigation systems from Beinlich Agrarpumpen und -maschinen GmbH
    • Newbilt Machinery builds vinyl presses for labels and musicians around the world.
    • What has changed in the new standard for plastics and rubber machinery