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As unmistakable as a fingerprint

X-CODE, the coding and identification system from HANSA‑FLEX, has been proven in practice millions of times. Each individual hose line is uniquely identified based on its X-CODE and a suitable replacement part can be obtained in the shortest possible time anywhere in the world. X-CODE gives every hose line a digital profile containing all the relevant information. It forms the basis for service planning as part of preventive maintenance.

One code for every instance

The unique X-CODE combines all the information about a specific hose line, forms the basis for ordering a replacement and hose management.

  • Order replacement parts error-free and as quickly as possible

    Every X-CODE contains the precise specification of a unique hose line in a specific use environment. After providing the six-digit alphanumeric code in any HANSA‑FLEX branch in the world, you can have an identical replacement part manufactured and delivered as quickly as possible to the place of use. Procurement of replacement parts could not be easier, quicker or more precise.

  • Uniquely identify each hose line

    To make each hose line uniquely identifiable, the X-CODE is permanently attached in an easily visible position. Depending on the installation situation and the customer’s requirements, HANSA‑FLEX can provide different forms of attached identification such as Tip Tags, self-adhesive labels or stainless steel plates. QR codes and RFID chips can be integrated to allow them to be read by machine.

  • Principles of digital hose management

    Each X-CODE is a kind of digital profile containing all the relevant information about the component to which it is attached. These data are stored in a customised X-CODE database, which we make available to our customers free of charge in the My.HANSA‑FLEX customer portal. Using our X-CODE Manager hose line management software, you can add or edit these data and use them for preventive maintenance of your hydraulic systems.

A suitable solution for every purpose

Select the form of attachment most suitable for your application and installation situation. The X-CODE is usually attached in the form of a self-adhesive label or Tip Tag with cable ties to your hose line. Other materials are available on request.

X-CODE self-adhesive label

X-CODE Tip Tag with cable tie

X- CODE stainless steel cable tie

X-CODE cable tie with RFID chip

X-CODE shrink hose

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

This contains the X-CODE also in the form of a QR code and can be augmented with customer-specific material numbers and other information. The integrated labelling of the hose line in accordance with DIN 20066 does away with the usual embossing of the fitting. The protective laminate is suitable for high temperatures up to 240 °C.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

The distinctive yellow-black Tip Tag marker on black cable ties has been the traditional method of attachment for the X-CODE since 2004. The marker can be removed and attached to the replacement component in the branch. Also available with QR code.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

The X-CODE VA cable is manufactured in SS316 stainless steel and is suitable for use in extreme temperatures of -80 °C to +538 °C. Its areas of use include high-temperature applications and the food industry. The code is applied by laser engraving.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

The X-CODE cable tie with RFID chip can be read automatically using a scanner or an app. This is useful in avoiding transcription errors in difficult to access installation situations where there are many hose lines.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

For hose lines used in areas where particularly good corrosion protection for fittings is required, the X-CODE can also be attached using a shrink hose. The X-CODE shrink hose is a highly flexible, temperature resistant and flame-suppressant polyolefin heat shrink hose.

X-code makes your work easier in many ways

X-CODE is a key tool in considerably simplifying preventive maintenance in hydraulics. Find out the advantages of X-CODE at a glance.

  • Quick, simple and precise

    No measurements needed, X-CODE ensures the replacement part is 100 % suitable.

  • Individualised description

    Customer-specific information can be integrated in the form of a self-adhesive label at the time of creation.

  • Machine readable

    QR codes und RFID chips are used to enable error-free digital capture of the data.

  • Universal in use

    X-CODEs can be used for other components or complete component groups.

X-code manager – the effective hose management software

The best overview of your hose lines, machines and service dates: individual profile for each hose line including machine assignment, mobile working even without the Internet, module for performing inspections in accordance with BetrSichV, and many more features. Available in three licence packages.

The x-code self-adhesive label

The X-CODE self-adhesive label is particularly suitable for tight installation situations.

Versatile, efficient and service-focused

The X-CODE self-adhesive label is particularly suitable for tight installation situations It attaches directly to the hose line and is protected by a transparent laminate from external influences such as oil, rubbing and weathering. The obligatory information such as works number, date of manufacture and maximum operating pressure are no longer embossed as usual on the fitting but printed in one of four information blocks in a highly legible manner on the label. By integrating the document and item numbers, customer-specific descriptions and material numbers and the QR code version of the X-CODE, this method of identification fulfils practical service functions for the customer.

Coding of your existing hose lines

You have hose lines in use that are not yet coded and you would like to work with the X-CODE system from HANSA‑FLEX? Speak to your HANSA‑FLEX adviser about follow-up coding of your hose lines. If you do not yet have a named contact person, visit your nearest branch or contact us.

X-code in practice

X-CODE makes many HANSA‑FLEX services even more valuable to you.

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