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Fit for praxis

HANSA‑FLEX offers its customers a range of technical information that is highly relevant in both theory and practice and should be heeded. In our “Good to Know” brochure, for example, we provide a brief overview of the most important design elements of hydraulics. In addition, we offer comprehensive descriptions on the correct assembly, operation and maintenance of hose lines, explain the function and areas of application of a wide variety of tube fittings and point out various sealing techniques and sealants.

We will be happy to provide you with personal technical advice.

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Technical information to download

Here you can find all overviews, technical information and our quick reference brochure for download in German and English as a PDF.

The quick reference brochure provides a brief overview of the most important construction elements, such as thread tables, comparison of the current standard designations with the HANSA‑FLEX designations and much more. Here you will also find our overview of hydraulic symbols.

Technical information from the areas of hose technology, industrial and metal hoses available by download:

Overview, technical information connection technology and overview cutting ring assembly for download:

Technical Information Hydraulic Components and Technical Information Ball Valves for download:

Technische Informationen aus dem Bereich Industrieschläuche zum Download:

Technische Informationen aus den Bereichen Metallschläuchen zum Download:

  • Metallschläuche PDF Deutsch | PDF Englisch

Technical information on sealing technology and the instructions for sealants for download as PDF:

Download technical information pneumatics: