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Perfect protection for hoses with accessories from hansa‑flex

Hose lines from HANSA‑FLEX impress in numerous applications through their excellent quality. Products from the HANSA‑FLEX accessory portfolio not only protect susceptible hose parts in situations where particularly high mechanical load requirements or the effects of high temperatures present problems, but also protect people, for example from oil jet injuries. A wide range of products and expert advice ensure the selection implementation of effective and efficient protection solutions.

Various types of protection and fields of application

  • Protection against mechanical loads and heat

    Hose lines can be exposed to extreme loads. HANSA‑FLEX provide solutions for protection against rubbing, kinking and heat. These solutions prevent damage due to rubbing, kinking and high temperatures.

    • Rubbing and kinking protection using various materials
    • Heat protection up to 260 °C using silicate, silicone or glass fibre
    • Air conditioning hose made from glass fibre protects from condensation
    All products
  • Protection of people from oil jet injury

    A jet of oil escaping from a defective hydraulic hose line can lead to serious injuries. An extremely tear-resistant textile protection hose blocks these jets and conducts the escaping oil safely away.

    • Protection hose made from high-strength nylon
    • Extremely abrasion resistant and flame retardant
    • Internal diameters of up to 127 mm
    Textile protection
  • Accident prevention using hose restraint devices

    In addition to traditional hose restraints, HANSA‑FLEX also offers its STOP LOCK hose retention system for effective protection against pulled-out, whipping hoses. These steel rope loops can be adjusted to suit the hose diameter, are simple to install and provide high levels of protection.

    • Hose retention system for protection against whipping hoses
    • STOP LOCK system has the ability to be adjusted to suit the hose diameter

First-class advice from experienced experts

The experts at HANSA‑FLEX are the people to contact if you want advice on hose line safety. In discussion with you, they will find the optimum product for your intended application. If you wish, we can also produce special solutions for your specific requirements.

Further solutions in the field of hose protection and safety

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