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Using pneumatics to move, control and position

Pneumatics are at the heart of automated processes in logistics centres, small parts warehouses and the automotive industry. Compressed air is also used in vacuum technology and is indispensable for digital lifting and positioning operations. The quality and design of the components used make a crucial difference to the productivity and efficiency of pneumatic systems. HANSA‑FLEX offers effective solutions and customised services.

Compressed air technology from hansa‑flex

The HANSA‑FLEX range of compressed air equipment includes over 18,000 high-quality pneumatic components such as cylinders, control valves, tools and accessories suitable for all industries and the most challenging operating environments.

  • Efficient connections for pneumatic systems

    Die Verbindungen entscheiden darüber, wie effizient Druckluft vom Erzeuger zum Verbraucher kommt. Für die Montage der pneumatischen Verbindungstechnik gilt, dass sie schnell und sicher sein muss.

    • Large selection of quick connectors
    • Ball valves with pneumatic rotary actuators
    • Thread and elastomer seal couplings and connectors
    • Available in various materials
  • Compressed air optimally distributed

    Rohr- und Schlauchleitungen sorgen für eine optimale Verteilung der Druckluft im pneumatischen System. Ventile schalten, regeln, leiten und machen aus Luft einen kontrollierbaren Energieträger.

    • Compressor, brake and flame-retardant hoses
    • Freely configurable pipeline and compressed air line systems
    • Electric, pneumatic or manually controlled directional control valves
    • NAMUR-compliant valves
    • Solenoid valves and valve terminals
  • Generating and treating compressed air

    Saubere Druckluft ist die Voraussetzung, um verbaute Komponenten vor Beschädigungen zu schützen. Zudem ist es wichtig, die ausströmende Luft so frei wie möglich von Öl, Wasser und Partikeln zu halten.

    • Modular maintenance units in accordance with the Machinery Directive
    • Wide range of filters with water separators
    • Gauges with clogging indicator
    • Compressed air preparation components, pressure regulators and compressors

You cannot go wrong with hansa‑flex pneumatic components

When moving compressed air, every detail matters. A space-saving installation is just as important as efficient and cost-optimised operation.

  • Reliability in use

    The HANSA‑FLEX pneumatic portfolio meets the highest standards and is subject to comprehensive testing.

  • Designed for efficiency

    Our pneumatic components are designed for maximum efficiency and optimised for high flow rates.

  • No compromise on safety

    We supply safety-related products such as hose rupture valves and safety couplings.

  • Fulfils all common standards

    For example: compliance with the Machinery, Pressure Equipment and ATEX Directives, and certification in accordance with RoHS.

Compressed air technology from hansa‑flex in the online shop

  • Pneumatic cylinders

    • Pneumatic cylinders in accordance with ISO 6432, ISO 15552 and ISO 21287
    • Round, short-stroke, standard and compact cylinders
    • Rodless cylinders
    All cylinders
  • Pneumatic hoses and pipes

    • Compressor and brake hoses
    • PA, PE, PUR, PVDF and PVC hoses
    • Pipelines, flanges, fastenings and connections
  • Vacuum technology for generating vacuums

    • Vacuum ejectors including suitable accessories
    • Switches, flow valves and vacuum sensors
    • Bellows and flat suction pads
    Vacuum technology
  • Energy-saving blowguns

    • Blowguns manufactured from plastic and diecast aluminium
    • Nozzles and safety nozzles
    • Accessories and spare parts
    More about blowguns
  • Pressure regulators, filters and maintenance units

    • Maintenance units and combined maintenance devices
    • Various pressure regulators, special filters and proportional valves
    • Oil-water separators and leak detectors
    All maintenance devices
  • Operating pneumatic systems safely

    With tried and tested components from HANSA‑FLEX, you are always on the safe side. Our team of highly experienced experts helps you maintain and operate your pneumatic system.

    • Connection elements in accordance with DVGW
    • Compliance with US-American OSHA standards
    • Products in accordance with the Machinery and Pressure Equipment Directives
    • Fulfilment of the German Industrial Health and Safety Act (BetrSichV) and Workplace Ordinance (ArbStättV)
    • Work carried out by experience fluid specialists
  • Efficient and safe pneumatic systems

    Compressed air technology from HANSA‑FLEX means safety at work for your employees, reliable and efficient operation of your systems and less downtime for your processes.

    • Save energy and protect the environment

      • Energy optimisation for pneumatic systems
      • Tracing and sealing leaks
      • Reducing system pressure to relieve the forces on components
    • Cleaning compressed air and ensuring system availa

      • Modular maintenance units in accordance with the Machinery Directive
      • Pressure and temperature measurement (digital and analogue)
      • Oil-water separators and filters
    • Prevent accidents and keep employees safe

      • Hose rupture protection to prevent uncontrolled whiplash
      • Brightly coloured hoses reduce the risk of tripping
      • Low-noise blowguns and nozzles for noise reduction
      • Safety couplings prevent whiplash [Ankerlink zu 5. “Featured products > Safety couplings”]
      • Non-interchangeable couplings eliminate connection mix-ups [Ankerlink zu 5. “Featured products > Non-interchangeable couplings”]

    Your full-service partner for everything to do with pneumatic systems

    Our experts have extensive experience in all fields of compressed air technology. From planning and design to installation and ongoing operation, we support you in all the tasks required on your pneumatic system and are always available to answer questions on any topic, including energy efficiency.

    Selected products from the hansa‑flex compressed air technology range

    • Superb cleaning performance at up to 10 bar with the Typhoon blowgun

      Die Hochleistungsblaspistole arbeitet dank ihrer Sicherheitsdüse deutlich leiser als herkömmliche Produkte, verteilt die Luft auf mehrere seitliche Ausgänge und bietet Ihnen weitere Vorteile:

      • Flow-optimised design and multi-channel nozzle
      • Infinitely adjustable cleaning performance
      • Excellent handling due to the ergonomically shaped rubberised grip
      Order now
    • Premium compressed air couplings for enhanced safety

      Sicherheitskupplungen nach ISO 4414 / EN 983 schützen dank Druckknopf-Sicherung Antriebsmaschinen vor Schäden durch Blockieren oder Überbelastung und verhindern zuverlässig den Peitschenhiebeffekt.

      • High flow rate of 1,600 l/min with low air and energy consumption
      • Easy, safe and intuitive coupling using one hand
      • 3-part seal for significantly fewer leaks
      Purchase products
    • Non-interchangeable couplings for greater operational safety

      Unverwechselbare Kupplungen verhindern durch farbliche Kennzeichnung von Kupplung und Stecker sowie durch unterschiedliche Kupplungsprofile ein Vertauschen verschiedener Medien wie Luft und Öl.

      • The same colour markings indicate interchangeable coupling halves
      • The halves must have the same shape to be successfully coupled
      • Available in different colours

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