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Smart Solutions For Fluid Technology

Discover HANSA‑FLEX digital services! Order fluid technology components quickly and conveniently in our online shop and ease the task of organising hose line maintenance with the X-CODE Manager service portal. Benefit from quicker, more error-free data transfer based on state-of-the-art scanner technology, user-friendly apps or an EDI interface between your and our merchandise management systems.

Hansa‑flex Online Shop And X-code Service Portal

Visit the user-friendly HANSA‑FLEX online shop with more than 80,000 articles relating to fluid technology. Download important information about each article, such as the applicable standards, safety data sheets and technical drawings. Two redundantly stocked central warehouses are your guarantee of high product availability and less downtime. Automated packing lines ensure your ordered articles are dispatched quickly.

  • Maintenance management for fluid systems made easy

    The X-CODE Manager service portal makes managing the maintenance of your hydraulic hose lines much easier. Create and administer your own database containing all the relevant information about your hydraulic hose lines, so that you always have a complete picture of your machines, components and scheduled dates. This enables you to optimise the forward planning of your servicing tasks. Detailed information about X-CODE Manager can be found here:

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  • More Efficient Processes With Digital Services

    Smart HANSA-FLEX solutions allow you to submit orders directly without a separate enquiry, determine material requirements in seconds and integrate deliveries precisely into your processes.

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More efficient processes with digital services

Smart HANSA‑FLEX solutions allow you to submit orders directly without a separate enquiry, determine material requirements in seconds and integrate deliveries precisely into your processes.


The HANSA‑FLEX online shop makes selecting and ordering products quick and easy. Over 80,000 articles are clearly listed in categories. The comprehensive…

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Scanner solutions

Yes, we scan! Scanner solutions from HANSA‑FLEX enable you to determine your goods requirement for fluid technology in the warehouse or on…

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EDI and BMEcat

Electronic data interchange (edi) enables rapid transfer of standardised business data between companies. The edi interface between your and our…

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Digitalisation without hurdles

HANSA‑FLEX’s digital applications are designed to be extremely practical and user-friendly so that users find the switch from analogue to digital as simple and straightforward as possible.

  • Use the same login details

    Your login details as a HANSA‑FLEX customer can also be used for the online shop and all the apps.

  • Applications quickly learned

    Intuitive user interfaces make our digital applications very easy to learn.

  • Save resources

    HANSA‑FLEX digital services save you operational steps, time and paper.

Systematic digital services

HANSA‑FLEX is a system provider for everything to do with fluid technology. This means we offer you individualised solutions thoroughly thought out from concept to completion and expert advice. The same applies of course for our digital services.

  • Advice from experienced experts

    There is no way of avoiding digitalisation. We work with you to check which of our digital solutions is most suitable for integration into your value chain.

    First your HANSA‑FLEX adviser identifies with you the worthwhile optimisation potential that could be supported or optimised through our digital solutions. The solution we arrive at together is the one most suitable for your requirements.

  • Including infrastructure if required

    Our goal is for you to gain maximum benefit for the minimum effort. For example, with our scanner solutions, we are happy to offer you everything you need for digital demand management:

    • Scanners
    • Coded labels
    • Shelves and containers
  • Developed together with the customer

    With our digital services, the focus is always on user-friendliness. Every program and digital application from HANSA‑FLEX undergoes several test phases where the emphasis is on the wishes and suggestions of our customers.

    On request, your contact person will be happy to instruct you and your team in our digital applications and answer all your questions, so that you can get off to a quick and successful start.

  • Digital services in the best HANSA-FLEX quality

    Just as much know-how and experience are invested in digital services made by HANSA‑FLEX as in our fluid technology components. That is something you can count on.

    • In-house development and programming by HANSA‑FLEX experts
    • Competent advice from qualified specialists
    • Consistent advice from a named contact person
    • Implementation of all required updates through HANSA‑FLEX
  • Further services from HANSA-FLEX

    Logistics solutions

    Gain time and save costs with customised logistics solutions from HANSA‑FLEX. We work with you to create an optimum logistics concept…

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    Training and seminars

    Education is the best means of combating the shortage of skilled personnel hansa‑flex uses active knowledge transfer from experienced specialists…

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    Fluid management

    Oil care is a key factor in ensuring trouble-free operation of hydraulic systems and plants. Contaminants in the fluid can…

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