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Training in fluid and line technology

Education is the best means of combating the shortage of skilled personnel hansa‑flex uses active knowledge transfer from experienced specialists to apprentices, employees and customers. Hansa‑flex offers training and education in the field of fluid and line technology as well as training programmes for hydraulic specialists, which it delivers together with its partner the international hydraulics academy (iha).

All training and seminars

Expert knowledge of theory and practice

  • Training from first principles to refresher courses

    The range of courses and seminars from HANSA‑FLEX and the IHA is intended for people whose everyday work involves hydraulics. The training in hydraulics offered extends from foundation level to much deeper special knowledge on individual topics such as project planning or system maintenance. Practice-orientated training provides an opportunity to try out the theory learned on earlier courses. A key qualification for people working in the field of hydraulics is the training to become an officially authorised person in accordance with BetrSichV and TRBS 1203-2019. For experienced employees, there are refresher courses to bring their knowledge up to the current state of the technology with respect to engineering, application and safety. All training is delivered by certified experts.

  • Training in and use of the latest technology

    The IHA has modern and fully equipped seminar rooms at all its locations and hydraulic training benches with the latest technology in Linz, Stockstadt and Dresden. Here participants enjoy learning about everyday tasks on hydraulic systems and how to design them so that they are more efficient, safer and better fulfil their intended purpose. Special mention should be made of the training available at Coreum in Stockstadt am Rhein. At the Coreum centre, which has several small construction sites set up specifically for training, HANSA‑FLEX and the IHA are joined by machine manufacturers. Participants can apply their acquired hydraulics knowledge directly in practice under real conditions, which helps to consolidate what they have learned.

  • In-house seminars at the IHA or at the customer’s premises

    In addition to training at various locations in Germany and abroad, the IHA can also provide in-house training. This training can take place at a nearby branch of HANSA‑FLEX or at the customer’s premises. If you are interested in training for your staff or have any questions about training, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to assist you.


Have Your Personnel Trained To Become Officially “authorised Persons”

Book a date for the two-day seminar at which your personnel will gain the specialist knowledge to become officially authorised persons for the inspection of hydraulic line technology in accordance with BetrSichV and TRBS 1203-2019. This seminar can also be held in-house.

Qualifications Build The Foundation For Success

The courses and seminars provided jointly by HANSA‑FLEX and the IHA transfer top-class specialist knowledge from which hydraulics companies and their customers benefit in terms of safety and quality.

  • Gain market recognition for your expertise

    Properly trained and qualified personnel impress customers.

  • Increased cost-efficiency

    Greater knowledge and skills reduce the number of mistakes, while increasing productivity and process efficiency.

  • Improve operational safety

    Participants learn about the legal provisions governing personal and corporate liability.

  • Certificate on completion of training

    Successfully completed training is certified by the IHA and nationally recognised.

More benefits for you

  • Certified trainers with practical experience
  • Interactive seminar modules
  • Small groups for intensive knowledge transfer
  • 11 training locations throughout Germany

Elementary Hydraulics Training

Hydraulics I – The basics

Hydraulics II – Advanced seminar

Authorised person

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

Participants gain an understanding of the principles of the design of a hydraulic system. This covers the design, function and symbols of typical components in industrial hydraulics, the connection of components in hydraulic circuit drawings and the fundamentals of troubleshooting.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

The advanced seminar include subjects such as the design and functions of special components in industrial hydraulics, the selection of hydraulic components, how to prepare basic circuit drawings, connections in circuit drawings and hydraulic circuits, and the construction and testing of basic circuits.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

After this training, participants can be identified by their employer as authorised persons for inspections. Among other things, they learn about working with the most important standards, guidelines and requirements of the employer’s liability insurance associations regarding hydraulic line equipment.

Expert Knowledge Delivered First Hand

“The many years’ experience of the IHA experts is a valuable source of knowledge not found anywhere else.”

Anne-Sophie Hänske

Coordination and Public Relations, IHA

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