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Hansa‑flex ball valves for maximum sealing performance and reliability

HANSA‑FLEX ball valves are used to shut off and divert flow in hydraulic pipe systems at pressures of up to 500 bar and thus avoid need to convert or uninstall components. The valves have a floating ball between seals, which means they are low maintenance and have only low losses thanks to the large bore. HANSA‑FLEX ball valves fulfil the requirements of all standards and safety regulations regarding strength and sealing performance.

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Our product portfolio in the field of ball valves

Ball valves reliably shut-off and divert media flow

  • Two-way straight ball valves

    Two-way straight ball valves are used where media under pressure needs to be reliably shut off. By turning the operating shaft, the flow in 2/2-way valves can be closed and opened. A simple and safe way of shutting off the flow in hydraulic systems.

    • 2-way switching, L or T functions
    • For shutting off the flow
  • Multi-way ball valve

    Multi-way ball valves have an L, T or X bore. Moving the ball allows the flow to be divided between several outlets or for the flow to various parts of a pipe line system to be shut-off.

    • 3- and 4-way switching, L, T or X functions
    • For control and direction
    • Dividing flow between several outlets

Shut-off and direct media under pressure

Ball valves from HANSA‑FLEX perform perfectly in hydraulic pipe systems.

  • Flexible in use

    A wide range of connection options, also usable as end of run fittings.

  • Pressure resistant

    Very good seal for long-term operation at various ranges of pressure.

  • User-friendly operation

    Simple switching without tools, robust ball valve design

  • Reliable safety

    Tested safety and sealing performance, supplied with protective caps.

Full control of the media in hydraulic systems

Our ball valves provide you with all these advantages in a compact design

Efficient solution

Tested sealing performance

Robust design

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

Our ball valves are low maintenance, extremely robust and reliable thanks to a freely floating ball between the seals. A large bore keeps pressure losses in the medium very low as it passes through the ball valve.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

Synthetic sealing rings or mechanical seals ensure complete freedom from leaks. All HANSA‑FLEX ball valves undergo stringent testing of their functionality, strength and sealing performance.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

The stainless steel versions of these ball valves from HANSA‑FLEX are suitable for high temperature applications and can, for example, be used in processes involving thermal oils. In addition, HANSA‑FLEX offers further materials and designs for use with gaseous or corrosive media.

  • Ball valves for low and high pressures

    Our portfolio covers ball valves in sizes from DN 4 to DN 40 in various materials such as steel or stainless steel, different designs and variants, including low-pressure versions in accordance with DVGW.

    • 2-way straight and multi-way ball valves with L, T or X bores
    • Suitable for temperatures of -20 °C to +60 °C
    • Numerous connection options, such as SAE threads and 24° pipe fittings
    • In block and forged formats with no reduction in flow
    • Burnished, Cr-VI free zinc plated or galvanised  
    • Pneumatic and electro-mechanical motorised drive on request
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