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Ready for action at any time: the rapid hydraulic service

When hydraulic components fail unexpectedly, you have to act fast. With 180 vehicles across Germany, our mobile Rapid Hydraulic Service is always there for you, available 24/7 and 365 days a year to minimise your stoppage times. Our well-trained and experienced service technicians are with you within an hour. They rectify defects, install replacement parts and manufacture customised hose lines on site in their on-board workshop.

Jetzt anfordern

Sending for the mobile emergency service is quick and easy

The mobile emergency service is there for you when things go wrong. Contact us and our customer service centre takes care of all the planning and coordinates with the service technicians.

  • By telephone

    You can call the emergency service using the toll-free service hotline at 0800 – 77 12345.

  • Contact us by mobile app

    You can contact the emergency service free-of-charge using the HANSA‑FLEX app.

  • Online form

    You can request support from the mobile emergency service directly using our online form.

Efficient handling from dispatch to documentation

  • Digital dispatch

    Our experience dispatchers are available all around the clock for you. Using highly capable software, they always have a full overview of all orders, the intended route of every vehicle and its present location. One click of a mouse reveals the location of the mobile service vehicle that can reach you the quickest. The dispatchers send the service technician all the important information about the order, which appears on the tablet in the vehicle before it arrives on site, so that the work can be completed efficiently. In this way, the mobile emergency service technician is fully prepared before the vehicle arrives at your premises.

  • Precise description

    We need your support to ensure that the processes can be handled as quickly as possible. Please ensure that the information you give us about the requested service is as precise as possible:

    • What are the names of the contacts?
    • Which parts or components are defective?
    • Are there any photographs of the installation situation?
    • What replacement parts are probably needed?
  • Fitted out perfectly

    The mobile service vehicles carry a stock of the spare and wear parts most frequently needed for the relevant field of use. The software used in our mobile Rapid Hydraulic Service connects directly with our Materials Management team. The dispatcher can therefore already see which spare parts are carried on board every vehicle when the servicing order is placed. If other parts are required for the work on site, the mobile service vehicle can make a planned intermediate stop en route at the nearest HANSA‑FLEX branch.

  • Mobile hose manufacture

    The service vehicles in the mobile Rapid Hydraulic Service fleet are workshops on wheels. They carry all the equipment necessary for manufacturing customised hydraulic hose lines, including hose cutting, peeling and crimping machines. The underfloor generator provides a reliable, independent power supply on construction sites or in remote areas and allows the technicians to work at night. The 400 volt generator makes the workshop on wheels completely independent of the circumstances on site.

  • Comprehensive documentation

    During the work, the service technicians take high-resolution photos of the damage and the newly installed components with their tablets and file all the information in the service report. This can be countersigned directly on site by the customer on the tablet, who will receive the report together with the invoice by e-mail. If the customer uses X-CODE and the hose management portal My.HANSA‑FLEX, the service technician can store the details of the hose line replacement directly in the system.

Hansa‑flex’s mobile emergency service offers many advantages

In unplanned downtimes, every minute counts. Optimally equipped with a mobile workshop on board and coordinated by an experienced service technician, the service fleet at HANSA‑FLEX provides rapid assistance in an emergency.

Always reachable

Short stoppage times

Qualified service technicians

Certified quality

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

A fleet of 180 service vehicles are on duty all around the clock across the whole of Germany. One of them is never far from your location and only a phone call away. In addition to the mobile Rapid Hydraulic Service, our 200 or so branches can be reached at any time through a 24-hour service line.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

The Rapid Hydraulic Service at HANSA‑FLEX really is rapid. Quick reaction times, efficient call-out planning, digital tools and fully networked communication between dispatchers and service technicians reduce stoppage times to an absolute minimum.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

Only professionals sit behind the wheel in service vehicles at HANSA‑FLEX. Our experienced and trained service technicians use their extensive technical and practical knowledge to ensure the work on site is carried out quickly and reliably.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

We deliver quality certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and comply with the occupational health & safety requirements of OHSAS 18001. The components we use for this work meet all the tried and tested HANSA‑FLEX quality standards.

We are there for you

This is what happens when the mobile emergency service goes into action

In this video you can see how our service technicians with their mobile workshops minimise the downtime of your machines and systems.

Plannable service

Would you like to reduce unplanned stoppages as much as possible? The Industrial Service at HANSA‑FLEX performs servicing and maintenance work on systems and machines, supports you in carrying out inspections and offers attractive servicing packages for 360° hose line management.

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