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PTFE hoses for chemically challenging applications

PTFE hoses from HANSA‑FLEX excel through their excellent chemical resistance to most media, high flexibility and a long service life. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, their taste and odour neutrality as well as bacteriological safety make them ideal for transporting potentially problematic products. In shipbuilding or the aerospace industry, PTFE hoses safely transport fuel or coolant water.

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  • Suitable for almost any medium

    PTFE hoses from HANSA‑FLEX are suitable for liquid, solid and gaseous media in a wide range of temperatures from -60 °C to +260 °C. They are particularly recommended for use in the chemical, automotive, electrical and medical technology industries. PTFE hoses are also used in ship construction and in the food industry.

    • The basic material has FDA approval
    • Resistant to almost all chemicals
    • Very good mechanical properties for long-term durability
  • Extensive product range

    PTFE hoses from HANSA‑FLEX are available in nominal diameters of DN 4 mm to DN 100 mm. These hoses are available as metal-sheathed, double-walled or elbow variants. Antistatic PTFE hoses are suitable for use in EX zones. We can accommodate specific requirements for connections from our range of special fittings.

    • Nominal diameters from DN 4 mm to DN 100 mm
    • Crimped or flared connection components
    • Special fittings from HANSA‑FLEX
  • Extensive range of services from HANSA‑FLEX

    Our trained staff advise you on the selection and design of PTFE hoses. Customer-specific requirements are fulfilled as one-off, small batch or series manufactured items.

    • Comprehensive advice in all project phases, by telephone or on site
    • Use of the latest test methods in quality assurance
    • Highly flexible solutions for hose lines and fittings

PTFE hose lines with top-class product characteristics

Their high temperature and chemical resistance ensure these high-grade PTFE products from HANSA‑FLEX can perform as the true all-rounders among hose lines in numerous fields of application.

  • Suitable for food (FDA)

    Odour and taste-neutral, easy to clean and bacteriologically safe.

  • Approved for shipbuilding

    HANSA‑FLEX meets the requirements of DNV, Lloyd’s Register and the American Bureau of Shipping.

  • Outstandingly durable

    Long service life due to UV and vibration resistance, incombustible.

  • Outstanding anti-adhesion properties

    Outstanding anti-adhesion properties allow problem free transport of sticky substances.

Find out more about the manufacture of PTFE hose lines

PTFE hoses from HANSA‑FLEX perform impressively well in numerous fields such as the chemical, automotive, electrical and medical technology industries thanks to their durability, flexibility and high resistance to chemicals and the weather. While their excellent anti-adhesion properties make them ideal for the transport of oils, resins and paints, their odour and taste neutrality enables them to conform with FDA requirements for use in the food industry. HANSA‑FLEX can manufacture hose lines to meet the customer’s specific requirements as one-off items or in series production. Digitally supported processes ensure not only consistently high quality but also excellent availability.

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Spirally wrapped PTFE corrugated hose

PTFE smooth hose

Extruded PTFE corrugated hose

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

PTFE tape is spirally wrapped and given an additional layer of Teflon-coated glass fibre. The final amalgamation of the tape by sintering makes the hose highly leak-tight and suitable for decoupling vibrations and accepting dynamic movements.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

In a process called paste extrusion, the finely powdered PTFE is forced under pressure through an annular die and then sintered. Smooth hoses are easier to clean than corrugated hoses, create less turbulence and allow higher pressures to be used. However, they are very prone to kinking and are susceptible to damage.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

Manufactured from an extruded PTFE tube, the hose is very flexible due to the corrugations, which also allow the attachment of flanged connections PTFE corrugated hoses are used in medical equipment, the chemical and food industries and for transporting aggressive or hot media.

Top-class industrial hoses from the fluid specialists

Our extensive product portfolio contains industrial hoses for all fields of use, from the food industry to fuel and oil hoses. We have the right hose for you in the right material, whether it is Viton, EPDM, PUR or NBR.

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