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High-quality hoses from HANSA-FLEX

The HANSA‑FLEX range includes hoses for hydraulics and pneumatics as well as for the transport of chemicals, food, air, water and abrasive media. In addition to standard hoses, we also supply suction and positive pressure hoses, suitable accessories and preassembled hose lines manufactured to your individual requirements. As a full-service provider, we also support our customers with installation, maintenance and inspection.

The complete HANSA-FLEX range of couplings

HANSA‑FLEX is recognised as an extremely capable system provider for high-quality hydraulic hose lines. But our know-how extends much further:

Hydraulic hoses

Hydraulic hoses transfer fluid safely through the system. Their flexibility means they need very little installation space. The HANSA‑FLEX range includes elastomeric…

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Metal hoses

The materials used for metal hoses make them extremely resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Their excellent temperature tolerance, strength under…

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PTFE hoses

PTFE hoses from HANSA‑FLEX excel through their excellent chemical resistance to most media, high flexibility and a long service life. In the…

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Extremely high-pressure hoses

HANSA‑FLEX extremely high-pressure hoses are always the first choice in systems where elevated pressures prevail. Indeed, they may have to cope…

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Industrial hoses

Industrial hoses find application where the medium is not used for transmitting power. Industrial hoses transport a wide range of…

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Preformed hoses

Preformed hoses are generally called for where conventional hose lines cannot be used because of restricted installation space. For example,…

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Hose lines from HANSA‑FLEX impress in numerous applications through their excellent quality. Products from the HANSA‑FLEX accessory portfolio not only protect susceptible hose parts…

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Discover the HANSA-FLEX hose line configurator now

Configure your own hose assemblies easily online. Over 90 hoses and 600 connections to choose from. Direct collection from the branch.

  • Compact hoses for confined spaces, e.g. mobile hydraulics
  • Thermoplastic hoses for particularly low weight

Hoses for compressed air technology

Our online shop has a large selection of pneumatic hoses in a wide range of diameters, materials and lengths.

  • Compressor and brake hoses
  • PA, PE, PUR, PVDF and PVC hoses
  • Pipelines, pipe flanges, fastenings and connections


In cooperation with the international hydraulics academy (iha), hansa‑flex runs seminars on fluid and pipeline technology, which can also be held at your premises on request. In these seminars, experienced specialists share their basic knowledge of hydraulics and deeper understanding of theory and practice in hydraulic applications.

Services for hose lines

HANSA‑FLEX is a system partner providing not only high-quality hoses and associated products but also supporting customers with numerous services for all tasks involving hoses.

  • Preassembled hose lines

    We preassemble all commercially available hose types into ready-to-install customised hose lines.

  • Hose line testing

    As officially authorised persons for the inspection of hydraulic equipment, our experts can inspect and test hydraulic and industrial hose lines.

  • Smart hose management

    Have all your hose information, such as inspection intervals, ready to hand with HANSA‑FLEX X-CODE Manager.

Products for hose line applications

  • Hose fittings for all applications

    Fittings designed and manufactured by HANSA‑FLEX are perfect for use with their intended hose types. They guarantee a safe and leak-free connection.

    • Crimp, interlock and special fittings
    • All commercially available nominal sizes and connection types
    • Corrosion-resistant zinc-nickel surface coating
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  • Safe and dependable hydraulic couplings

    Couplings are the best option in situations where attachments need to be quickly exchanged, machines safely connected or highly loaded hose lines on mobile and fixed hydraulic systems changed over.

    • A suitable quick coupling for every application
    • Available in various materials such as steel or stainless steel
    • Numerous sizes and seal types
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  • Make the right connection with hydraulic adapters

    Adapters create a safe and leak-free connection between components with differing thread types. HANSA‑FLEX offers an extensive range of hydraulic adapters.

    • Threaded and transition adapters
    • All commercially available connection types and standards
    • Special types such as 45° SAE connections also supplied
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We know what our customers want and develop the perfect solutions.

  • The premium hose line for high pressures

    The HD 700 LL premium hose line from HANSA‑FLEX was specially developed for use under demanding conditions. It combines maximum performance with a long service life.

    • Excellent pressure load capacity, even after 2 million impulse cycles
    • Available in sizes from DN 31 to DN 51
    • DNV approval for maritime use
    More hydraulic hoses
  • Switch hose lines in seconds using the SSKV coupling

    Push-in shell clamp connectors for hydraulic hoses combine the advantages of couplings and conventional fittings to reduce the amount of labour and time involved when switching hose lines.

    • Additionally fixed in place by a hand-operated knurled screw.
    • Secured against unintentional release under pressure
    • No-tool assembly makes it ideal for tight installation spaces



As a system partner, HANSA‑FLEX provides ready-to-install kits containing components from third-party supplies as well as from HANSA‑FLEX. The production…

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Series production

Our central hose line series production facility in Bremen and the pipe bending centre in Schönebeck deliver tens of thousands…

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Hydraulic workshop containers

Whether it is a stormy off-shore drilling rig, icy building site in the mountains, red-hot desert region, a major project…

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