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The right hansa‑flex hydraulic motor for your application

Hydraulic motors transform hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. We offer a wide range of geroller and gerotor motors matched to the performance data of your machines and systems in proven quality as premium or economy variants for numerous applications in mobile and industrial hydraulics. We can provide other types of hydraulic motors such as axial, gear and radial piston motors on request.

Planetary motors and suitable accessories from a system supplier

Mit HANSA‑FLEX profitieren Sie von zuverlässigen sowie langlebigen Lösungen und einer schnellen Lieferung aller benötigten Komponenten.

  • Geroller motors work reliably under pressure

    HANSA‑FLEX geroller motors are a dependable way to provide low drive speeds without the need for additional gears. Geroller motors are used when high torques are required in a small installation space.

    • Large displacement volume from relatively small dimensions
    • Speed: 50 to 800 rpm, torque: 240 to 850 Nm
    • High efficiency even under continuous high pressure
  • Gerotor motor are low maintenance, robust and versatile in use

    Gerotor motors from HANSA‑FLEX excel through their long service life. The compact motors find use in situations where high rotational speeds are required.

    • High rotational speeds combined with compact dimensions
    • Speed: 240 to 1,900 rpm, torque: 11 to 380 Nm
    • Suitable for a diverse range of hydraulic fluids
  • Accessories and spare parts - all from a single provider

    Prompt replacement of wear parts and accessories ensures a long service life for your hydraulic motors and reduced standstill times for servicing and maintenance.

    • Shock valve technology for direct flange mounting
    • Special seal sets for the smallest motors
    • Flanges for gerotor motors

Special solutions perfect for your application

HANSA‑FLEX supplies hydraulic motors configured for your applications with special valves, shafts, oil outlets for various fields of use and axial, gear and radial piston motors. All our hydraulic motors can also be supplied ready for installation and painted to suit the customer’s requirements on request.rte Hydraulikmotoren mit speziellen Ventilen, Wellen und Ölausgängen für verschiedene Einsatzgebiete sowie Axialkolben-, Zahnrad- oder Radialkolbenmotoren. Zudem liefern wir auf Kundenwunsch alle Hydromotoren einbaufertig mit speziellen Lackierungen.

Performance advantages of hansa‑flex hydraulic motors

Extensive product portfolio of hydraulic motors with various torques and speed ranges.

  • Proven quality

    At HANSA‑FLEX you can count on receiving durable hydraulic motors, proven in practice time and time again.

  • High-grade materials

    Robust cast steel in a compact design, special surface coatings on request.

  • Advice from hydraulics experts

    Our hydraulics specialists advise you on all questions, drawing on their comprehensive know-how.

  • Excellent parts availability

    Our warehouse and logistics concept can supply motors and accessories on a Just-In-Time basis.

  • System-compatible hydraulic motors from hansa‑flex

    HANSA‑FLEX planetary motors excel through their high torques and speed ranges.

    Orbital motors are suitable for a broad field of applications in mobile hydraulics such as snowploughs, construction plant, agricultural machines and plastic injection moulding machines.

    • Extensive product portfolio of hydraulic motors
    • Premium products from Europe or price-conscious economy variants
    • Shafts of various diameters (16, 25, 32 and 40 mm)
    • Four- or two-hole flange with high-pressure seal
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