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Hansa‑flex components for high-pressure hydraulics up to 700 bar

Moving heavy loads places the highest requirements on the hydraulic components used. HANSA‑FLEX offers a selected range of products for heavy load hydraulics with pressures up to 700 bar and can supply customised components for up to 1,000 bar on request. We also support you with the selection, design and combination of components for maximum performance and the highest levels of safety at work.

Excellent performance at high pressures

All HANSA‑FLEX products intended for high-pressure hydraulic applications comply with the current technical rules and are extensively tested by the manufacturers to ensure they work properly and safely.

  • Powerful high-pressure pumps up to 700 bar

    Das Portfolio von HANSA‑FLEX umfasst ein- und zweistufige Hydraulikpumpen aus Stahl sowie eloxiertem Aluminium mit einem nutzbaren Ölvolumen zwischen 640 und 2.600 cm³.

    • Hand pumps up to 2.6 l tank capacity
    • Electric pump-driven 700 bar hydraulic power units (on request)
    • Systems with reduced maximum pressure range (e.g. up to 400 bar)
  • Compact high-pressure cylinders

    Schwerlastzylinder sind kompakt gebaut, um selbst schwerste Lasten sicher und ohne Überschreitung der zulässigen Knicklasten anzuheben. Dadurch sind die Zylinder auch für enge Einbauräume geeignet.

    • Single- and double-acting heavy load cylinders and pull cylinders
    • Up to 150 mm stroke and 100 t load
    • Surface coatings: painted, burnished

The complete hansa‑flex product portfolio for high-pressure applications

  • Shut-off and throttle valves

    • Check and throttle check valves
    • Pressure relief valves
    • Needle shut-off valves
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  • Low-maintenance ball valves

    • Floating ball free to move between the seals
    • Large bore keeps pressure losses low
    • Maximum volumetric flow: 27 l/min
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  • Durable hose lines

    Hose lines designed for pressures up to 700 bar have to resist the highest loads. HANSA‑FLEX, with its many years as a fluid specialist, can preassemble high-quality hoses and fittings into durable high-pressure hose lines. Our branches have all the approvals and the test benches required to perform this work. We ensure the hose and the fitting are perfectly matched to maximise performance. The hose line you receive safely fulfils its functions in the required pressure ranges.

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  • Extensive range of accessories

    Hydraulic connecting elements, such as adapters, distributors and threaded connectors, are an essential means of joining components in hydraulic systems. HANSA‑FLEX offers an extensive portfolio of connection technology components for high-pressure hydraulics. We can offer complete systems, designed, supplied and installed all from the same source.

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  • Hydraulic tools

    mobile workshop presses with high-strength welded frames. We would be happy to provide other hydraulic tools such as vehicle jacks, torque wrenches or nut splitters on request.

    Zu den hydraulischen werkzeugen

High-class products from the fluid specialists

With HANSA‑FLEX you can count on receiving first-class quality products and services.

  • Proven safety

    All inspection and test reports are provided to you directly.

  • Maximum performance

    We ensure all components, such as pumps and cylinders, are perfectly matched to one another.

  • The extra mile

    We are happy to supply all your components as preconfigured sets ready for immediate installation.

  • Flexible use

    All products can be used in mobile and stationary hydraulic systems.

The Vasco da Gama Bridge is protected against earthquakes by hydraulics

With a length of 17.2 km, the Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon is the longest bridge in Europe. Up to 50 million vehicles a year use the six-lane bridge to cross not only the mouth of the Tejo River but also a particularly earthquake-prone area. Working in conjunction with conventional structural measures, hydraulic dampers play a key role in protecting the bridge from earthquakes, storms and other loads.

Heavy load components for the most demanding requirements

European manufacturers

The best materials

Protected against corrosion

Excellent parts availability

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

All the products HANSA‑FLEX provides are made by renowned European manufacturers and are subject to extensive testing. In addition, we check product quality as part of our quality assurance system so that you always receive the highest quality components.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

Our high-pressure cylinders and pumps are made from robust steel as standard. For applications with lower loads, HANSA‑FLEX also offers versions in aluminium, which are up to 40 % lighter than the comparable steel products.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

The pumps and cylinders HANSA‑FLEX supplies have a zinc-nickel surface coating for maximum corrosion resistance in aggressive environments. The excellent protection this gives against salt-water solutions is confirmed in salt spray (fog) tests.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

We always stock a large selection of various components for heavy load applications in our stores. You benefit from excellent availability and short delivery times for your ordered products.

Safety is paramount when working with high pressures. This concise summary sets out the most important safety instructions for the use of hydraulic components in high-pressure applications.

Safety is paramount when working with high pressures. This concise summary sets out the most important safety instructions for the use of hydraulic components in high-pressure applications.


Overhauling high-pressure components

As a system partner, HANSA‑FLEX is there to help and advise you with the servicing of high-pressure components. We also undertake professional repairs, either in-house or with the support of specialist partners.

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