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Safe hydraulic couplings from hansa‑flex

Couplings are the best option in situations where attachments need to be quickly exchanged, machines safely connected or highly loaded hose lines on mobile and fixed hydraulic systems replaced. At HANSA‑FLEX you can find quick release couplings perfect for your intended application in various materials such as steel or stainless steel and in a wide range of sizes and with various seal types.

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Reliable coupling and uncoupling

With quick release hydraulic couplings from HANSA‑FLEX, you can connect and disconnect hydraulic components simply, swiftly and safely.

  • High flow and minimum pressure loss

    Hydraulic couplings from HANSA‑FLEX allow hydraulic equipment to be connected quickly, safely and leak-free. Coupling sleeves and plugs can be pushed in or screwed together depending on the coupling type. When the hydraulic connection is separated, valves on both sides automatically seal the open connections. Even filled hydraulic hoses can be detached in this environmentally friendly and clean manner without loss of hydraulic oil. With their flow-optimised cross section, HANSA‑FLEX quick release couplings also avoid pressure losses, the development of heat, friction wear, cavitation and premature ageing of the pressure fluid.

  • Couplings for all applications

    Couplings are an essential element of connection technology in factories, in fields and forests as well as on construction sites. Which coupling is the most suitable depends on the individual application. The hydraulic experts at HANSA‑FLEX help and advise you on all aspects of the selection and design all your hydraulic couplings right up to questions of installation.

    • All technical parameters, such as design flows, are taken into account
    • Wide product portfolio for many areas of use
    • For applications in stationary and mobile hydraulics
  • Robust materials

    Hydraulic couplings are continually coupled and decoupled, which places them under heavy load. HANSA‑FLEX therefore makes no compromise in meeting the highest quality standards for all its hydraulic couplings, which impress users with their long service life and low leakage.

    • Manufactured from steel for superior functionality even at high pressures
    • Also available in stainless steel or brass to suit the intended purpose
    • A surface coating provides high corrosion resistance

Quick and safe coupling

HANSA‑FLEX hydraulic couplings come into their own where a simple way of connecting and disconnecting hydraulic components is needed. They are sealed and do not drip, allow high flows and residual pressures in the hydraulic lines.

  • Robust design

    The flat-face sealing hydraulic couplings are ideal for use in harsh conditions.

  • Certified quality

    HANSA‑FLEX hydraulic couplings meet the requirements of standards ISO 7241, ISO 16028 and ISO 14541.

  • Quick installation

    The couplings are quick to install, allowing users to gain from short re-equipment times.

  • Excellent availability

    We maintain an extensive stock of products and suitable accessories for your convenience.

Simple to use, reliable in operation

  • Screw couplings are the solution for extreme usage

    Their robust construction allows screw couplings to withstand high pressures and pressure impulses. They are designed for the harshest conditions in industry and agriculture.

    • Can be coupled to tools with one side under pressures up to 100 bar
    • Standardised hydraulic screw couplings in accordance with ISO 14541
    • Protected from premature wear potentially caused by high pressure impulses
    • Self-securing threads prevent unintentional decoupling
    • Excellent seal from a conical valve with an elastomer seal
  • Low-drip coupling and decoupling with plug-in coup

    Valves seal the plug-in coupling connections when the coupling sleeve is drawn back and prevent loss of hydraulic oil. The double O-ring seal ensures maximum sealing performance for the coupling. A safety locking ring prevents involuntary disconnection

    Flat-face sealing versions of push-in couplings are available from HANSA‑FLEX. These hydraulic couplings limit the entry of air to a minimum when coupling and thus avoid oil leaks.

  • Temperature control couplings for hot and cold med

    Temperature control couplings are specially designed for use with liquid media at temperatures of -20 °C to +160 °C such as those found in plastic injection moulding systems. The quick release couplings have a locking protection device to keep people safe and prevent damage to the environment from unintentional escape of hot or cold media such as heat transfer oil, hot or cold water.

    • Suitable for use at temperatures of -20 °C to 160 °C
    • A locking protection device prevents loss of fluid or pressure
    • Shut-off at one or both ends
  • Everything under control using multi-couplings

    Multi-couplings allow several lines to be connected or disconnected quickly and are frequently used with removable attachments in agriculture, forestry and construction.

    • Quick and easy exchange of removable attachments
    • Easy operation with hand lever
    • Trouble-free coupling even if the system is under pressure
    • No confusion of connections or flow paths
  • HANSA‑FLEX agricultural couplings for excellent pe

    The coupling system developed by HANSA‑FLEX for flows of up to 240 l/min is intended for powerful machinery used in agriculture, such as high-performance tippers. The plugs, wrench sizes and connection variants comply with ISO-7241, Series A (BG3), which means the one-handed coupling sleeve does not require modification to be compatible with other rigid mounted couplings available on the market.

    • Coupling under full working pressure requires very little physical effort
    • High-flow valve unit prevents erosion
    • Reliable pull-out protection and mechanical engagement system
    • Compact dimensions

More couplings from hansa‑flex

Safe hydraulic couplings for every application

  • Safety bonus from quick release couplings

    Quick release couplings decouple automatically if the longitudinal tensile load becomes too great and thus prevent the hose lines from being pulled out and the resulting uncontrolled leakage of hydraulic oil.

    • Increased passive safety when shunting on rails or manoeuvring on water
    • Protects hose lines with low tensile strength
    • Made from steel or malleable iron, galvanised zinc surface coating
    • Suitable for mineral and bio-oils
  • Pipe couplings for high pressures

    Pipe couplings are designed for high pressures and pressure impulses. Flat-face sealing plungers prevent air entry and ensure low oil leakage losses. Their robust construction makes pipe couplings suitable for demanding conditions of use with large pressure fluctuations. They therefore find widespread application in the automotive industry.

    • Connection and disconnection without leaks or air entry
    • Coupled by screwing together sleeve and plug
    • Coupling and decoupling possible up to 20 bar
  • Accessories perfectly matched to your hydraulic couplings

    Accessories for hydraulic couplings such as dust protection caps or seals protect your hydraulic couplings from dirt and prevent foreign particles from entering and circulating within your hydraulic systems. HANSA‑FLEX has attachment flanges and welded-on brackets available for optimum placement and secure fastening of couplings to tractors or machinery.

    • Dust and dirt protection devices such as dust protection caps and covers
    • Welded-on and attachment flanges for secure fastening of the quick release coupling fixed halves

    You can find a large selection of reliable hydraulic couplings of various types for every purpose in our online shop.

    • Variants include fixed and loose coupling halves, sleeves and plugs
    • Shut-off at one or both ends, flat face seal and can be coupled/decoupled under pressure
    • Captive dust protection caps cannot be inadvertently lost
    • Available in all commercially available thread types, such as BSP, NPT and UNF
    • Materials: steel, stainless steel and brass
    • Surface: chromium-VI-free and galvanised coatings
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