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Flanges from hansa‑flex

HANSA‑FLEX flange fittings are ideal for large diameter, high-pressure applications and restricted installation situations Flange connections are inherently resistant to strong impacts and vibrations. In addition they can be installed without much effort, even those with large nominal diameters, and in the tightest of installation spaces. They offer multiple advantages compared to screw-in connections of the same size.

Flanges in accordance with sae, iso, cetop requirements and gear pump flanges

All HANSA‑FLEX flange connections are available in various types, such as adapter and fixed flange, block, welded and soldered connections.

  • SAE flange

    SAE flanges are available in two pressure classes: 3000 PSI in nominal diameters ½” to 5” and 6000 PSI from ½” to 3”. All SAE high-pressure flanges are manufactured in steel or stainless steel designation number 1.4404.

    • Working pressure up to 420 bar
    • For standard & high-pressure applications
    • Untreated surface or galvanised zinc plated
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  • ISO 6164 and CETOP flanges

    We can provide you with our HANSA‑FLEX ISO 6164 flanges and CETOP flange connections in nominal diameters of ½” to 5”. All ISO 6164 and CETOP flanges are available in steel designation number 1.4404.

    • Working pressure up to 420 bar
    • Nominal diameter between DN 13 (1/2”) and DN 127 (5”)
    • Stainless steel and alternative sealing materials on request
  • Gear wheel pump flanges

    In addition to a metric external thread in accordance with DIN 3901 in sizes L8 – L42 and S6 – S38, we also offer pump flanges with inch internal threads in two construction variants (round, square).

    • High-quality zinc-nickel coating
    • Straight and 90° versions, each with pitch circles 30 to 55
    • In steel or aluminium
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Flanges are a higher class of pipe connection

It is the connection technique most suitable for pipelines under highly dynamic loads, high working pressures and in tight installation spaces

  • Robust material

    Suitable for high working pressures and highly dynamic loads

  • Pressure-resistant design

    The sealing surface has a flat face, reliably sealed using O-rings

  • Releasable connection

    The two flange halves can be disassembled and reassembled without damaging the components

  • Safe operation

    Leak-free connection of pipes and components in hydraulic systems

Special flanges from the hydraulic experts

Our large selection of flange connections does not include the right product for your application? If so, then please speak to us directly! We can manufacture flange fittings to your individual requirements.

The advantages of hansa‑flex flange connections

HANSA‑FLEX flanges are stable under pressure, do not leak and suitable for tight installation spaces.

Resistant to extreme loadings

Reliably leak-free

Perfect for tight installation spaces

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

Flange connections reliably distribute pressure impulses in hydraulic systems such as presses or aluminium extrusion plants. In addition, the large diameter of the flanges compared to pipe fittings allow optimum fluid flow with little turbulence.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

The seal between the two flange halves under pressure ensures there are no leaks at the hydraulic connection. HANSA‑FLEX uses oil-resistant materials such as NBR or Viton for its O-ring seals. Other materials for flat-face seals are available on request.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

In particular for large diameters, flange fittings can be installed in considerably less space than is required for other screw-in fittings. The lower tightening moments can be achieved without large wrenches, which is a great advantage when working in congested installation spaces.


    Discover the flange connection product portfolio from the system provider HANSA‑FLEX

    • Four-hole flanges, high-pressure flanges, pump flanges
    • Flange halves, full flanges screw-in and welded on flanges
    • For applications up to 420 bar and available in all common sizes
    • Black oiled, steel, stainless steel, metric, inch
    • Electroplated
    • All threads and connections to SAE, NPT, BSPP, UNF, JIC, CETOP
  • You cannot go wrong with hansa‑flex flange connections

    • Meets all standards and guidelines

      Flange connections from HANSA‑FLEX meet the requirements of relevant standards such as ISO 6162, SAE J 518 C, DIN 3901 / 3902, ISO/DIS 6164 and other international guidelines. All flanges are designed with international market requirements in mind. Consequently we make regular adjustments to the product portfolio to allow for specific further developments.

      • Manufactured in accordance with international standards and guidelines
      • Portfolio development in accordance with market requirements
      • Reliable delivery on time and, if required, in sequence
    • High product quality

      HANSA‑FLEX ISO 6164, CETOP and SAE flange connections are available in steel and in stainless steel designation number 1.4404, with a galvanised zinc coating. Gear wheel pump flanges are available in aluminium or steel with a high quality zinc-nickel coating. This provides 720 h corrosion resistance against red rust.

      • Materials: steel, stainless steel and aluminium
      • Surface finish: galvanised zinc, zinc-nickel coating
      • Welded or forged version depending on flange type
    • For all fields of application

      Flanges are mainly used where pipe fittings are inappropriate because of their size, the required working pressure or lack of available space. We have a wide product portfolio for every field of application in fluid technology, such as industrial, mobile or marine hydraulics.

      • Plastic injection moulding and aluminium die casting plants
      • Hydraulic presses, lifting and conveyor equipment
      • Construction, agricultural and forestry machinery

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