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Repair and servicing of hydraulic systems and components

Hydraulic systems are continuously under load and therefore wear will eventually occur on their components. If this is not detected in time, it can lead to complete failure of the hydraulic system. Your machines and systems are back running again in no time at all with professional repairs and maintenance from HANSA‑FLEX. We also support you with system analysis to detect possible damage in good time and prevent unplanned downtime.

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Professional repairs by hansa‑flex

With HANSA‑FLEX you benefit from rapid and professional repairs performed by experts experienced in fluid technology.

Hydraulic cylinder repair

Hydraulic cylinders are subject to extreme stresses due to their continual extending and retracting. The result is wear, which puts…

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Pressure accumulators and associated systems

Safe and reliable operation of pressure accumulator systems depends on regular maintenance including checks on the filling level and pressure…

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Pressure accumulators

Pressure accumulators are used as pressure compensation vessels and balance temperature-related changes in volume and pressure peaks in hydraulic systems.…

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Fluid management prevents oil-related damage

Contaminants in the fluid can have serious consequences. Meticulous oil care is therefore key to ensuring fault-free operation of hydraulic systems. HANSA‑FLEX fluid experts support you with everything from oil analysis to cleaning and continuous monitoring.

Hansa‑flex repair service

You benefit in many ways by using HANSA‑FLEX Repair Service.

  • Professional service

    All work is carried out by highly competent technicians with years of experience

  • Minimum standstill times

    Rapid order processing and optional express service for time-critical repairs

  • Proven quality

    Performance of various tests and preparation of detailed test reports if required

  • Recondition instead of replacement

    Particularly in the case of expensive components, reconditioning is often an economically better solution

Repair services

  • Optimisation of hydraulic systems

    Increased wear on hydraulic components is a sign that something is wrong in the system. Systematically performed fault analyses show precisely where the weak spots are hiding. After HANSA‑FLEX Industrial Service and Fluid Service specialists have examined the components and analysed the fluid, they use the findings to develop specific recommendations for optimisation. With the optimisation work completed, the machines operate more reliably and their efficiency sustainably improves.

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  • Retrofitting and renovation

    As a system partner, we support you extensively with all the tasks required for the renovation of your machines and systems:

    • Economic analysis of renovation projects
    • Planning and advice about renovation measures
    • Performance of all work related to fluid technology
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  • Inspection of hydraulic operating equipment and ma

    The trained experts from HANSA‑FLEX are officially authorised persons for inspections of hydraulic equipment and material in accordance with the currently applicable regulations. They carry out the inspections and prepare the inspection reports.

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  • 360° hose management from HANSA‑FLEX

    Professional management of your hydraulic hose lines ensures you benefit from more efficient servicing and maintenance of your machines and systems.

    • Clear hose line labelling with X-CODE
    • Easy-to-use X-CODE Manager hose management software
    • Various services packages for hose management
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  • Hansa‑flex offers an all-round service from a single provider

    We offer you a comprehensive service for everything to do with the repair and overhaul of your hydraulic components – and all from a single provider.

    • Damage detection and fault analysis
    • Prepare a cost estimate
    • Perform all the work associated with the repair
    • Dismantle, pick-up, return and reinstall
    • Environmentally compatible disposal of defective components
    • Advice about machine and plant optimisation
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