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Screw-in cartridge valves for hydraulic control blocks

Cartridge valves are screwed directly into the valve blocks or valve housings. This allows complex fluid controls to be combined and fitted into the smallest space. Until now, screw-in cartridge valves were used mainly in mobile hydraulics. However, they are now also used in stationary hydraulic systems because their increasingly compact designs have benefits above all in the field of automation.

More control flexibility in the smallest space

  • Complex valve blocks in a compact format

    Screw-in cartridge valves perform the same control functions as pipeline installation valves. In the case of cartridge valves, however, the valve and the housing are two separate components. This allows the housings to be combined with various functional valves as required. Complex controls can be installed in the smallest spaces by screwing several different functional valves into one valve block. The ISO standardisation of functional valves and cartridge bores allow flexibility in the way they are configured.

  • Highly efficient, diverse in application

    High-quality housings and highly precise profile bores for the screw-in cartridge valves minimise pressure fluctuations in machines and systems and increase their efficiency. Their compactness and low weight mean cartridge valves can increase the efficiency of systems, especially in mobile hydraulics. The materials used to construct the components can be chosen to suit the requirements and conditions in their areas of application.

Screw-in cartridge valves from hansa‑flex

HANSA‑FLEX can provide a large selection of high-quality screw-in cartridge valves with various functions and all the associated components from the same provider.

  • Versatile and efficient

    Valve blocks with screw-in cartridge valves offer maximum flexibility in the minimum space.

  • High product quality

    HANSA‑FLEX sells high-quality screw-in cartridge valves from well-known manufacturers.

  • Maximum availability

    Thanks to its large warehouse capacity, HANSA‑FLEX can supply products reliably and at short notice.

  • Individualised housings

    Would you like valve housings in your company colours? That’s no problem at HANSA‑FLEX

Screw-in cartridge valves in the hansa‑flex online shop

HANSA‑FLEX has an extensive range of screw-in cartridge valves for applications in mobile and stationary hydraulics. Find suitable valves for your required switching functions in our online shop. Our fluid technology experts are always delighted to advise you.

Efficient components and tailor-made solutions

  • Efficient and robust screw-in cartridge valves

    Screw-in cartridge valves are used for flow and pressure regulation among other things. They are known for their high switching speed, very low leakage, good control of high flows and ability to withstand the loads resulting from high pressures.

    • Flows up to 230 litres per minute
    • Permitted working pressure up to 350 bar
  • Housings for every application

    You can obtain various types of housings for cartridge valves from HANSA‑FLEX. Manufactured from cast-iron, stainless steel or aluminium with the appropriate surface coating, they can be used in almost all environments. HANSA‑FLEX also offers valves specially designed for potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with the ATEX Directive, with the option of housings painted in your company’s colours.

    • Cast steel housings (up to 350 bar), aluminium housings (up to 250 bar)
    • Untreated, burnished, phosphated, anodised or powder-coated
    • Stainless steel construction for aggressive media
  • Valve blocks made precisely to the customer’s wishes

    As one of the leading system partners in the field of hydraulics, HANSA‑FLEX has outstanding engineering know-how about the construction of valve blocks. Customers can therefore depend on receiving valve blocks designed and manufactured precisely to meet their technical requirements.

    • Customer support from specialists
    • 3D drawings show all the technical details
    • Manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC technology
  • Screw-in cartridge valves in the hansa‑flex product range

    At HANSA‑FLEX, customers have a large choice of screw-in cartridge valves for providing a wide range of functions in numerous designs and variants.

    • 2-way and 3-way flow control valves
    • 2/2-way solenoid-controlled seat valves
    • Pressure relief and reducing valves
    • Non-return valves
    • Overcentre valves
    • Flow dividers / combiners
  • Accessories and other products for our cartridge valves

    • Replacement solenoid coils for valves

      These DC or AC solenoid coils are capable of high switching performances and available from stock. Order now from the HANSA‑FLEX online shop!

      • Rated voltages 12, 25 and 230 V
      • Power consumption 22 and 25 W
    • Intermediate plates for complex functions

      In addition to cartridge valves, fluid technology specialist HANSA‑FLEX also supplies CETOP intermediate plates to provide complex switching functions in your systems.

      • Intermediate plates and ready-to-install plate mounting valves
      • Stacked valves
      • Perfectly designed for iso standard bores
      Read more
    • Seals for all areas of use

      In addition to NBR seals, we can also supply other sealing materials for cartridge valves on request. These include seals suitable for use at higher temperatures or with aggressive media.

      • Seals for high-temperature applications
      • Seals for use with aggressive media
      Order now

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