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Measuring technology for hydraulic systems from hansa‑flex

Measuring technology in hydraulic systems must be highly precise. Pressure, temperature and volumetric flow need to be measured accurately to ensure systems and machines operate reliably. Continuous condition monitoring can be an effective way to prevent wear on hydraulic components. Digital measuring instruments are becoming increasingly popular for the control and regulation of automatic processes.

Analogue and digital measuring technology

Our online shop offers proven measuring technology and innovative measuring systems from renowned manufacturers for various fields of application. Our experts advise you on the choice and design of measuring devices, sensors and evaluation software.

  • Digital measuring technology

    Digital measuring technology comes into its own when very exact measurements are needed or measurement data are to be recorded over longer time periods. This technology makes use of sensors to clearly evaluate any situation.

    • Digital 2- and 5-channel manual measuring device
    • Digital pressure, temperature and rotational speed sensors
    • Associated accessories such as measuring cables
  • Analogue measuring technology

    Not all measurements have to be accurate to three decimal places. In these cases, analogue measuring technology is a good choice. These devices are cost-effective and supply reliable measurement data.

    • Gauges with front ring and clamping ring mountings
    • Flow monitors, volume flow meters and flow meters
    • Accessories such as measuring hoses, fittings and shut-off valves
  • Measuring connections, couplings and fittings

    Measuring connections and fittings allow measuring points to be installed in the hydraulic system. Couplings allow quick and easy connection of components during diagnosis and servicing.

    • Measuring connections M16x2, M16x1.5 and S12.65x1.5
    • Flat-seal couplings for diagnosis and servicing applications
    • Clamping ring fittings in steel and stainless steel

Purchase measuring technology from the fluid specialists

Precise measuring technology supplied by HANSA‑FLEX forms the basis for monitoring, controlling and optimising the operation of hydraulic systems.

  • Comprehensive product range

    Measuring devices and analysis systems for pressure, flow and temperature measurement

  • Best quality

    Extensively tested products with international approvals for the highest precision

  • Customer-specific solutions

    Supplier of analogue and digital measuring systems to suit customer-specific requirements

  • Support from experts

    Selection and installation of the measuring technology and condition monitoring of hydraulic systems

  • Hansa‑flex has a comprehensive and proven measuring technology po

    Our product portfolio includes systems for reliable particle measurement, flow meters, volume flow measuring devices, pressure gauges, connections, hoses and measuring couplings.

    • Digital and analogue measuring devices
    • Mobile and fixed measuring systems
    • Analogue/optical and electronic evaluation options
    • Recording and control of pressure, temperature and volumetric flow
    • For system monitoring and improvement of plant efficiency
  • Measuring technology for recording pressure, volumetric flow and temperature

    • Pressure measuring devices for all areas of use

      Pressure monitoring in hydraulic systems is essential for machines and equipment to operate smoothly and reliably. As well as simple gauges for measuring pressure, HANSA‑FLEX also supplies pressure sensors for highly precise measuring equipment for incorporation into electrical controls.

      • Allowable working pressure: Up to 600 bar
      • Measuring accuracy: +/- 0.5 % of full scale
      • Measuring ranges of our pressure sensors: 0 to 10 bar and 0 up to 600 bar
    • Volume flow meters from HANSA‑FLEX

      Volume flow meters measure the volume of oil flowing per unit of time. HANSA‑FLEX supplies volume flow meters, flow monitors, turbine flow and gear flow meters.

      • Measured volume: Up to 600 l per minute
      • Measuring accuracy: +/- 0.5% of reading
      • Measuring ranges: 1 to 20 l/min and 40 up to 600 l/min
    • Reliable temperature measuring devices

      Simple temperature measuring devices such as thermometers or pressure-resistant sensors measure the temperature of the oil in hydraulic systems, in the tank or at separate measuring points. They also allow the user to monitor fluid quality, because temperatures of over 60 °C lead to premature ageing of hydraulic oil and have detrimental effects on viscosity.

      • Temperature measurement with electronic sensors
      • Permissible highest temperature: 200 °C
      • Measuring accuracy: +/- 2 Kelvin

    Ready-to-install measuring technology sets in a practical transport case

    Our online shop offers you complete measuring and analysis systems in addition to ready-to-use sets including sensors, connections, hoses and measuring cables in a robust transport case. We are also happy to configure customised measuring technology sets for your specific requirements.

    What everyone should know about hydraulic measuring technology

    What advantages are there with glycerine-damped gauges for pressure measurement, what does measurement accuracy refer to and how does a gear flow meter work? Our experts explain.

    Pressure gauges with glycerine filling

    Gear flow meter

    Measuring accuracy in detail

    The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

    The gauge needle flutters due to vibrations and pressure peaks in hydraulic systems. Gauges are filled with glycerine to dampen this movement. This makes the gauges much easier to read.

    The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

    Gear flow meters can measure very small volumetric flows down to 1 l/min highly accurately. The oil flow moves two gears which are engaged with one another, a transducer detects the motion and creates an electronic signal from which the flow can be deduced.

    The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

    Measuring accuracy determines how much the displayed value and the absolute physical value differ from one another. Depending on the measurement principle, the accuracy is given either in terms of the full-scale value (the maximum value measurable by the device) or the actual physical reading.

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