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Optimal warehouse management with hansa‑flex

As your system partner for everything to do with fluid technology, our goal is to reduce the time you spend on routine business activities, so that you can concentrate on value-creating activities. Our services include supporting you in systematically optimising your warehousing processes to reduce unnecessary time spent searching for items and to design a more efficient material flow. Working with you, we find the solution that best matches your requirements.

Efficient ordering and warehousing processes

We are not only a reliable supplier of components, we also support you with our experience and specialist knowledge, always with the aim of increasing the profitability of your ordering and warehousing processes.

  • Optimising your inventory

    We create and maintain a standardised article list for you. The list forms the basis for efficient warehouse management. The article list defines the ongoing use of material and enables the efficient use of your storage areas. We identify all the material groups you require to ensure a smooth production flow. As a one-stop provider, we can reliably supply you with the defined standard material. This allows you to consolidate your supplier list and save administration costs when ordering goods. With HANSA‑FLEX, you can choose flexible delivery intervals to suit your developing needs.

  • Proper storage of components

    Component should be stored so that their quality and shelf-life are not adversely affected by dust, liquids or large temperature fluctuations. The risk of mechanical damage to components due to objects falling or rolling onto them should be minimised. Our highly capable employees are always available to provide advice and practical assistance to support you with their vast practice-proven knowledge and skills. These include, for example, the systematic positioning of warehousing systems and goods to shorten the distances your employees have to walk and the time they spend searching for the required items. This ensures there is nothing left to interfere with accessibility to components and machines.

  • Solutions for high goods throughput

    Larger companies require correspondingly more parts and having automated ordering and warehousing processes becomes more important. There comes a point when written recording of material requirements and manual entry of orders takes up too much time for the whole process to remain efficient. Speak with your usual HANSA‑FLEX customer adviser about your options for digitalising your ordering processes, for example with a scanner solution, or automating them with a kanban system. Another possible way of optimising a high goods throughput would be to adopt a kit approach to your stock of parts.

Customer-focused warehouse management with hansa‑flex

We guarantee the availability of goods for you and offer you proactive support to design the associated processes to be as convenient and profitable as possible for you.

  • Reduced storage and material costs

    Efficient warehouse management can minimise your tied-up capital and scrapped parts.

  • Substantial time savings

    Shorter walking distances, reduced administration costs for orders and no wasted time searching, thanks to systematic optimisation.

  • Everything from a single source

    HANSA‑FLEX is your reliable one-stop shop for all required components.

  • Digital solutions

    We prepare the way and provide the equipment for your digitalised warehouse.

The perfect service package for every company

HANSA‑FLEX offers an expansive range of services, all flexibly adjustable to your requirements so that the overall solution is perfect for your company.

Stocking your main warehouse

Warehousing systems from HANSA‑FLEX

Process-optimised warehouse management

Setting up a consignment warehouse

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

Our employees make regular checks of the goods in your warehouse. They replenish the stock and note which products are running low. Alternatively, our employees can just deliver the ordered packages of goods to you.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

If you wish, we can supply you with all the necessary warehouse storage systems, such as shelving racks, boxes and drawers. Our employees can fully install and fill them with stock, keep them clean and tidy, thus relieving you of this task.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

Benefit from greater certainty of availability, fewer process steps and smoother in-house logistics. The HANSA‑FLEX experts help you to identify optimisation potential in your warehouse and then purposefully make the most of it. Quite often very small changes can have big effects.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

Given the right circumstances, your HANSA‑FLEX warehouse can be set up as a consignment warehouse. This means that components stocked in advance remain in the ownership of HANSA‑FLEX until the time of use, and only then is an invoice issued for the exact number used.

Other services for warehousing and logistics

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